FAQs about Trademark Registration in Mexico

My trademark was registered in the U.S. and in multiple other countries simultaneously. Do I still need to register in Mexico?
ANSWER: Yes you do, because Mexico is not part of the Madrid Protocol allowing simultaneous registration in several countries.

Approximately how long does it take to receive a trademark registration certificate in Mexico?
ANSWER: 12 months.

What type of trademark can be registered?
ANSWER: You can register a word, slogans, symbols, logos and graphic designs, trade names, service marks, three-dimensional goods that are distinctive of a trademark, such as a perfume bottle or container, and combinations of all of them.

For how long is the trademark registration granted?
ANSWER: For a renewable period of 10 years.

How can I protect my trademark against importers of counterfeit goods?
ANSWER: Once your trademark has been granted registration by the Mexican Trademark Authority, we can arrange official protection from the Mexican Customs Border Authority which will stop counterfeit goods right at the border and prosecute infringers.

Why would I want to register my trademark also with the Mexican Customs Border Authority?
ANSWER: This gives you a triple advantage: CONTROL over goods of unlicensed distributors crossing the border into Mexico; helps STOP entry of counterfeit goods and infringed trademarks into the Mexican market; helps PROSECUTE infringing parties.

FAQs about Product Labeling in Mexico

1. Can I export my products to Mexico with my current U.S. labels?
ANSWER: No, you cannot. Your products will be held or even confiscated at the border.At minimum, your labels must be in Spanish.

2. Can I do a straight translation of my current labels?
ANSWER: No, you cannot. There is additional information required on the labels. Also, different regulations apply to different product categories.

3. How do I find a translator for my labels who is familiar with the regulations?
ANSWER: When you engage our services, you don’t have to worry about a translator. We handle the translation and even prepare the artwork ready for your printer. Along with the artwork we provide you with a certificate of compliance (“constancia”).

4. What if I change my mind about the label design?
ANSWER: A 90-day free revision policy is included with our service.

FAQs about HS Classification Codes in Mexico

What is an HS Classification Code?
ANSWER: It stands for Harmonized Schedule and refers to an international system of classifying each product into specific categories.

Why should I care about what my HS Code is?
ANSWER: There are three reasons. The first one is knowing how much import duty (if any) is going to be levied on your goods, and will tell you whether or not you can compete in Mexico. The second one is knowing whether or not you need to apply for an import permit. The third one is that your HS number must appear on your export documentation and your buyer’s import documentation.

How do I apply for an import permit in Mexico?
ANSWER: When you engage our services, we handle the application for you.

We have never filled out export documents. Is it complicated?
ANSWER: It can be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. When you engage our services, you will learn everything you need to know, and we double-check to make sure everything is in order.